Special Ops Season 3 release date, cast, story, teaser, trailer,

Special Ops Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Story, Trailer

Special Ops Season 3: Special Ops Season 3 is a forthcoming Indian Hindi-language action espionage thriller web series for Hotstar Specials written and directed by Neeraj Pandey, with co-direction by Shivam Nair. Pandey also produced the series through Friday Storytellers, a subsidiary of his production company dedicated to creating content for the internet media.

Season 3 of Special Ops will be released in 2022. Special Ops Season 3 is now one of the most popular series, with episodes dropping one after the other. The compelling plot of Special Ops Season 3 may be considered as one of the key reasons why this series has managed to reach such popularity, prompting people to hunt for Special Ops Season 3 as we mentioned before.

Special Ops Season 3 Release Date:

Neeraj Pandey announced in April 2022 that the third season of Special OPS is in the works and will be released in early 2023.

Special Ops is a popular Indian Hindi-language action espionage thriller web series that premiered on March 17, 2020. This sitcom quickly gained popularity after only a few episodes were released, and it now has a new season, Season 3. The fans are really thrilled about Special Ops Season 3, and they are waiting to find out when it will be released. Special Ops Season 3 is expected to be released sometime in 2022. However, these are only hypotheses. So we’ll have to wait for official word on the Special Ops Season 3 release date.

From November 12 forward, fans could enjoy the second season. The series, which aired on Disney+Hotstar, only had three one-hour episodes. Fans are now excitedly anticipating the third season and wondering what exciting things they will get to see in this upcoming edition. Season 3’s release date has yet to be revealed by the producers. So far, there has been no formal notice on any social media network. Though it is likely that the cast will return for the future season.

Before releasing the Special Ops Season 3 release date, the creators will release some intriguing teasers, which will, as the name implies, tease the fans’ patience and excitement. We will update this area whenever we receive any new information about the premiere, as there has been no recent update. When the producers reveal the dates, every subsequent update will be posted here. Stay tuned to Social Telecast for additional information on the thriller and action series, as well as the most recent news from around the world. Follow for more information!

Special Ops Season 3 Cast:

Fans can watch Special Ops Season 3 on Hotstar, which stars Kay Kay Menon, Vinay Pathak, Karan Tacker, and Vipul Gupta. Other characters in the film are listed above, so enjoy watching it with your family and friends. The release date for the film is listed above, along with cast and trailer details. Special Ops Season 3 is one such series that many of these Binge watchers have put on their list of things to watch.

Actor Role
Kay Kay Menon Himmat Singh
Karan Tacker Farooq Ali/Amjad Sharif/Rashid Malik
Vinay Pathak Abbas Sheikh
Vipul Gupta Balakrishna “Bala” Reddy
Sajjad Delafrooz Hafiz Ali/Ikhlaq Khan
Muzamil Ibrahim Avinash
Saiyami Kher Juhi Kashyap
Meher Vij Ruhani Khan
Gautami Kapoor Saroj
Rajat Kaul Ismail Hassan
Sana Khan Sonia
Divya Dutta Sadia Qureshi

Special Ops Season 3 Story Plot:

Here is the Special Ops Season 1 Episodes Story

1 – Kaagaz Ke Phool: The year 2001 saw five terrorists from an abandoned house attack five members of the Parliament of India and died in the attack. At present, Himmat Singh ( Kay Kay Menon) is present at the RAW auditing meeting to talk about “miscellaneous” costs of around 28 million that were incurred over the past 11 years in the Middle-East desk. He says that he created agencies in five nations, and the funds were used for their requirements, but he is unable to divulge the identities of his agents. His superiors later ask him about his theories regarding the 2001’s Parliament attack, where he was part of the investigation.

Himmat discovers the shop’s name on the packets of dry fruits that the terrorists carried and requests Abbas (Vinay Pathak) to look into the matter, from which he discovers that the sixth person who purchased the dry fruit was located close to an Islamic mosque. Himmat and Abbas go to the mosque and begin looking around, they observe smoke coming from the windows as the sixth person burned all his possessions and flees. When they get to the house, Himmat discovers his Pakistani passport that was half burned with no information. Farooq (Karan) phone calls Himmat and tells him that the passport was found by Ikhlaq Khan in the UAE.

2 – Guide: Farooq suspects Ikhlaq Khan and alerts Himmat. He also spends time with Soniya. In 2004, Himmat meets Farooq, who was a student at the time. Back in the present, Himmat stated that he received information regarding the 26/11 terror attack and was assigned to probe Kasab. He felt that Ikhlaq Khan was also involved in the terror act. He leads “Operation Smiley” with the support of his crew, and they catch Ikhlaq Khan’s right-hand man Wasim Karachiwala from Dubai.

3 – Mughal-E-Azam: Sujata Thapar, Minister of Telecom, hires Abbas to keep a watch on Himmat. Himmat admits throughout the investigation that Farooq decided to return to the UAE in 2008 after killing Wasim Karachiwala. In 2012, he encountered Illiyas Hassan, Wasim’s driver. He learned about Ismail Hassan, a business mogul who invests Hafiz Ali’s money in the market to fund terrorist organizations, from him. Farooq watches as Amjad attempts to get closer to Ismail. Ismail’s younger brother Abu is executed by Hafiz. Meanwhile, Himmat is ambushed on his way back from the investigation.

4 – Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahi: Himmat was only slightly hurt in the attack. There are four assets and four tasks. Himmat’s crew is pushed to put their skills to the test and determine if they are prepared for the impending storm. Hafiz received information regarding Himmat. Farooq is approaching Hafiz. Himmat detonates a device in Rawalpindi and accuses Jamaat of freezing its funds and assets.

5 – Chaudvin Ka Chand: During the heated debate over Operation Himmat’s money, Himmat brings up the name of Telecom Minister for a 250cr. swindle. Himmat suggests a possible bombing in Delhi. Farooq’s long wait is over, and he finally meets Hafiz. Saroj alerts Abbas to the fact that Himmat’s life is in jeopardy. Abbas discovers that the Telecom Minister is responsible for the attack on Himmat and warns her. Farooq pretends as Rashid in front of Hafiz and promises to assist him with his transaction. Farooq suspects Ikhlaq Khan will be involved, thus Baku is added to the Special Ops map, and additional players are included. As Himmat suggests a possible bomb attack, a woman in Delhi is shown wearing a suicide bomber jacket.

6 – Qurbani: Hafiz, Ismail, and Farooq arrive in the oil fields. Himmat’s squad arrives in Baku, aided by Kemaal, and devises a plan to eliminate Ikhlaq Khan. Avinash and Juhi go out to finish the mission, but Ikhlaq refuses to exit the automobile, sign the contract, and leave. Himmat was forced to abbot the mission. Himmat plans to kidnap Hafiz and directs his crew to do so. Himmat’s money has been frozen by Chaddha and Banerjee due to the absence of the inquiry. Meanwhile, at the wedding, the team tries to kidnap Hafiz. The attempt is thwarted when Hafiz murders Bala.

7 – Shatranj Ke Khiladi: Bala is killed, and because of suspicion, Bala is killed and the remainder of the team is forced to flee to their respective locations. Abbas finds a website about Ikhlaq Khan who has captured the suspect then informs Himmat. Hafiz is able to smell a mole, as well, and is suspicious of Farooq. It was found out that Jamaat is the one who planned the bomb attack in Delhi. Farooq discovers a pawn in order to be able to survive for the next day. Himmat gets to meet the special IB officer Surya Kumar. He was the head of the official delegation of the defense minister from Islamabad. Himmat discloses his bomb blast hints regarding Surya. Surya is willing to assist Himmat.

Farooq demands Himmat to take a second shot at Hafiz when he heads off to Islamabad within 24 hours. Himmat formed the remaining team to complete the task. Farooq plays Ismail and is snatched in the mall. Soniya is killed during the attack. Russians kidnap Kemaal and conduct an investigation according to Himmat’s directions. Kemaal is able to take Ismail’s name, and Hafiz believed that Ismail was the culprit. Farooq is able to save Ismail from being snatched by the ambush. What Ismail is the truth about the attack in Delhi. And the mystery woman is Hafiz’s wife Sadiya and she was the one who carried out the bomb. She and her sister talk about jihad.

8 – Sholay: Ismail mentions Ikhlaq Khan to Farooq and then he shifts Ismail to a safe place. Farooq gave the details to Himmat. Through the flashbacks, it is discovered that Sadia as well as the sister Farah were among the victims of 2013’s Muzaffarnagar Hindu Muslim riots. Himmat is investigating Abbas Habib’s link Habib and recognizes Hafiz as Ikhlaq Khan, and Sadia as the wife of Ikhlaq. Habib located Sadia at the camp of refugees and hand her off to Jamaat. In which case, Jamaat will employ her as a suicide bomber. Farooq quickly realizes Ikhlaq along with Hafiz are one and the same. Ikhlaq offers Farooq to Islamabad.

Ravinder was killed by Ismail, and Bakhtiyar is still under investigation. Himmat co-operated with Chaddha to organize the funds to complete the job. Sadia, Farah is in the area, Pakistan Minister’s chief security Mansoor assists Farah to walk across the room. Himmat and the team get together for the mission. Farooq and lkhlaq are on the lookout in search of Islamabad. While on the way, Bakhtiyar is able to inform Ikhlaq about the identity of Farooq and then executes Ravinder. Avinash and Ruhani attacked Ikhlaq and killed all security.

Himmat confronts Ikhlaq khan, and Farooq killed Ikhlaq. Through his cell phone, the team found Sadia as well as Farah. Surya finds out that Mansoor is the one who caused the blast shooting Mansoor dead. Himmat quickly informs Surya that he’s discovered Sadia and Farah who were quickly separated from the crowd. He found that they were not wearing any bomber jackets. The discussion proceeds as per the schedule. In the credits, it was confirmed it was revealed that Soniya remains alive.

Here is the Special Ops Season 1.5 (Special Ops Season 3) Episodes Story

1 – Aandhi: Abbas Sheikh is summoned by auditors to review Himmat Singh’s work as his retirement nears. Himmat, a young field agent’s tale reveals a post-2001 parliament attack in which Himmat tracks Ikhlaq Khan’s trail in Delhi. Abbas does not follow the orders of his superiors not to be involved in this incident. Yet, at the request of Himmat Abbas is determined to help Himmat. Ikhlaq khan escapes. One week later, in an investigation that was conducted by the police, both Himmat Abbas and Himmat Abbas were suspended from their positions. But, Himmat coerces Joint CP Chautala to remove Abbas from his suspension. In the meantime, Himmat dates a girl called Anita.

After his suspension and disappears. Abbas is able to find Himmat on a news channel, where he’s in Kashmir looking for leads on Ikhlaq Khan. Then, Himmat is called back by RAW for a trial. The case concerns Vinayak Shukla, an attache counselor in the Indian High Commission of Colombo who was kidnapped by an unknown girl named Karishma. The documents, which are highly sensitive, have been released. After learning what the real story is, Shukla shoots himself dead. Himmat is with Vijay Kumar, his college friend, a former officer in the army. Mathur is assigned the task of capturing Maninder the former RAW officer, and Himmat’s coworker who is off the grid. The goal is to get rid of Maninder and protect every National document. Vijay invites Himmat to dinner. It’s discovered that Saroj was the wife of Vijay.

2 – Mere Apne: Himmat and Abbas discover that Maninder was taken to London to question Mandal who is honey-traps. Natasha Petrova is a sparrow. The initial offer doubles after negotiations. When they return returning from Moscow, Natasha blackmails him for highly classified Naval documents. Chintamani is sent an email containing intimate photographs as well as a trojan infection is downloaded on his computer. Mr. Sharma lies and travels to London to share the files with Natasha. On further investigation, there seems to be an international conspiracy, with Sankalp Chaudhary being the principal participant. It is believed there is a possibility that Maninder along with Karishma both have ties to Sankalp.

Vijay decides to travel to Colombo to get Karishma while Himmat is off towards London in order to capture Chintamani. Maninder takes over Natasha and kills her and then steals the documents. Himmat is at the Hotel in which Chintamani is However before he is able to begin the investigation Chintamani self-inflicts a fatal shot. Vijay comes to Colombo and is able to capture Karishma by being held at gunpoint. After a brief conversation with Himmat and Vijay, the story concludes by showing Maninder holding Himmat in a gun-point position.

3 – Lekin: Himmat who is still at gunpoint, inquires of Maninder about what prompted him to go in a rogue fashion. Maninder confesses that during an assignment to Serbia the country, he was seized and brutally tortured at the hands of Serbian forces. After waiting six days for his rescue Maninder learned that he had been betrayed. He kills the officials before he is able to complete his mission, and Himmat escapes. Vijay takes Karishma and, on his way towards the airport he’s attacked by a group of soldiers. Karishma is able to escape along with the armed group.

Without any leads, Himmat, as well as Vijay, are able to return to Delhi. Himmat, Anita, Vijay, and Saroj have dinner together. After returning after dinner Himmat to his surprise discovers that Anita is a mole and he’s being sucked into honey by her. He questions Anita and discovers that she was compelled into slavery by Karishma three years prior. He also learns that Maninder is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. He takes Anita to a safe place and, together with Vijay set out to Ukraine to take out Maninder. When he arrives, Vijay receives a call from Saroj who informs him that she’s pregnant. Meanwhile, Karishma appears at the stakeout location and Vijay calls Himmat and he begins following her. They are unaware that Maninder is also watching their movements. In a series of incidents, Vijay is captured by Maninder, and Himmat is captured by Karishma. Maninder contacts Himmat and instructs him to visit an industrial tank facility. There is a stage set up for the final battle.

4 – Ijazat: When Himmat gets to the tank factory along with Karishma and Karishma, he discovers there is a problem. Vijay has been wounded. In a battle, Maninder shoots and kills Karishma. Maninder is planning to murder Himmat however Vijay intervenes. In the subsequent fight, Maninder shoots Vijay repeatedly and escapes. Himmat is devastated after having watched his friend who is his closest to breathe his last breaths of air in his arms. He sets out to force Sankalp Choudhary to find Maninder and sets up a trap making Maninder go to Dubai.

When he flies from Kyiv to Dubai the cold-blooded Himmat is strangled and kills Maninder in order to take revenge on his most trusted friend’s death. He recovers the stolen data and then returns to Delhi and immediately to the safe home. Himmat accuses Anita of the death of Vijay. In a heated conversation, He executes Anita when she requests him to execute her. After two months, a deal has been reached with Himmat along with Alan Fuller after which Sankalp Choudhary is killed in a car explosion. Because of a successful mission, Himmat is reinstated to his position. After a year, Himmat goes to Saroj and expresses his condolences for Vijay’s passing. Presently, it’s evident that Himmat is at home with the family members when he receives an SMS from Farooq. Farooq was abducted somewhere in Nepal and is able to hint at Himmat about it. When Himmat is able to figure out the hint the story ends.

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Special Ops Season 3 Trailer & Teasers:


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