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The Family Man Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Story, Trailer


The Family Man Season 3: The Family Man Season 3 is a forthcoming Indian Hindi-language action espionage thriller web series for Amazon Prime Specials written and directed by Raj & D.K., with co-written by Suman Kumar. Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K have produced the series through D2R Films, a subsidiary of his production company dedicated to creating content for the internet media.

Season 3 of The Family Man will be released in 2022. The Family Man Season 3 is now one of the most popular series, with episodes dropping one after the other. The compelling plot of The Family Man Season 3 may be considered as one of the key reasons why this series has managed to reach such popularity, prompting people to hunt for The Family Man Season 3 as we mentioned before.

The Family Man Season 3
The Family Man Season 3

The Family Man Season 3 Release Date:

The preview of the third season at the end of the second season seems to show a relationship between Pandemic Covid-19, China attacks the northeastern countries of India and they use Covid-19 as a disruption to attack India.

Family Man Season 3 release date has not been confirmed. But according to the source, the release date of Family Man Season 3 is located in November 2022, but the exact date is still a secret. Family Man Season 3 is rumored to be a lot of eyes and action thrillers like the first season of Family Man.

The Family Man is the most preferred and popular television series, with many admirers. As a result, the first two seasons of this series are considered good by the audience. So we are here to bring you good news that the creator of this series will once again give you entertainment hours.

Because the third season of “The Family Man” will premiere, there is quite a lot of wisdom on social media. Update on the series release date, streaming platforms, and broadcast schedules will be provided in the article that follows this one.

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Raj Nidimloru and Krishna D.K. have collaborated in series production. If we talk about the first season, it is crowded with action, comedy, and drama to keep viewers entertained. As a result, it’s good to make viewers interested in this series. Each member of the cast in both seasons gives everything and does a fantastic job describing each character.

The Family Man Season 3 Cast:

Fans can watch The Family Man Season 3 on Amazon Prime Video, which stars Manoj Bajpayee, Priyamani, Sharib Hashmi, Shreya Dhanwanthary, and Sunny Hinduja, Sharad Kelkar, Darshan Kumaar, Dalip Tahil, VipinKumar A Sharma, Seema Biswas, Asif Sattar Basra. Other characters in the film are listed below, so enjoy watching it with your family and friends. The release date for the film is listed above, along with cast and trailer details. The Family Man Season 3 is one such series that many of these Binge watchers have put on their list of things to watch.

Actor Role Played
Manoj Bajpayee Srikant Tiwari
Samantha Ruth Prabhu Rajalakshmi Sekharan a.k.a. Raji (Season 2)
Priyamani Suchitra
Sharib Hashmi Jayavant Kashinath Talpade
Neeraj Madhav Moosa
Sharad Kelkar Arvind
Gul Panag Saloni
Sundeep Kishan Major Vikram Vaid
Darshan Kumaar Sameer
Ashlesha Thakur Dhriti Tiwari (Srikant’s daughter)
Vedant Sinha Atharv Tiwari (Srikant’s son)
Sunny Hinduja Millind Hinduja

The Family Man Season 3 Story Plot:

Here is the Family Man Season 1 Episodes Story

1 – The Family Man: The Indian Coastal Guard captures three Islamic State terrorists at the Oman Sea near Kochi. Force One Unit, directed by Imran Pasha, is responsible for managing the transport of this personnel under TASC supervision. Meanwhile, Dhriti, daughter of Srikant Tiwari who works for T.A.S.C, is on the verge of school suspension for its indecent activities. Two of the characters in the Islamic State are trying to escape Mumbai, which results in a strength shooting One Commandos. Srikant convinces Moosa, one of the Islamic State agents to surrender. Meanwhile, in Pakistan, Major Sameer plans a mission in India to force India to take military measures. One of the activists of the Islamic State plants a scooter bomb and is considered by Sameer for mission Zulfiqar.

2 – Sleepers: The bomb planted by an ISIS activist on the scooter near the Black Horse (Kala Goda) Statue even explodes after the security forces tried to defuse her, leading to the death of the bomb defuser. Chirayu and two other managers of the bombs elimination team. The pressure increases to find the bomber. Chief analysts of T.A.S.C receive information on three-game engineers related to the Islamic State. Srikant plans to stop them. After having arrested them in their business, in interrogation, they mention a dropbox and strongly suspect that he is a student at Victoria College, but they reveal that they have never met him face to face.

3 – The Anti-National: According to the instructions of T.A.S.C., local police monitor Dropbox. Meanwhile, Kareem Bhat, an anti-national student is contacted by the Islamic State for a mission. In Pakistan, Major Sameer plans to deceive the intelligence of India to throw them from their path. Kareem, at Victoria College, takes a message from Dropbox and therefore falls on the radar of T.A.S.C. T.A.S.C sets up surveillance in Kareem’s room and finds that it is planning something with a floor plan and a guest list. However, Kareem has his suspicion that he is monitored and gives T.A.S.C the shift. Kareem with two of his friends is shown preparing a van to enter a group of anti-Muslim deputies. T.A.S.C rushes to find its location because they suspect that it is planning an attack and tries to evacuate the bazaar Bhindi market.

4 – Patriots: Srikant suspects that his wife, Suchitra, has an affair with Arvind when they meet in a restaurant for his new job offer at Arvind’s office. However, Srikant retraces Suchitra’s phone and confronts her at the hotel, where she denies saying that they are only friendly colleagues. T.A.S.C is able to hack Kareem’s hard drive and they determine the location of the strike. The night of the attack by him, Kareem and his friends meet the roadblocks set up by T.A.S.C. One of his friends begins to shoot and therefore all three are slaughtered in the return fire.

T.A.S.C discovers that their plan was to simply feed the beef to the guests of the party to teach them a lesson and not to bomb the place. Srikant arrives at home drunk and accuses Suchitra of having a connection. Kareem and his friends are qualified as terrorists to save the face of T.A.S.C. In the last scene, it is shown that the real person responsible for the bombing of the scooter is, in fact, also Sajid a student from Victoria College, who has just been released from prison after a raw interrogation.

5 – Pariah: Sajid meets an Islamic State agent who tells him that they have more important plans for him and that Kareem has been sacrificed to protect his identity. Srikant is the subject of an investigation and during the interrogation assumes all the blame on himself. On the other hand, Moosa seduces a nurse, Mary to meet her ends. He is able to make a call using Mary’s mobile phone and informs Islamic State activists that he will escape from the hospital in 2-3 days.

In the midst of having sex with Mary, he left his hospital room to see Asif. There, Moosa kills him by injecting potassium into his blood. Sajid’s next task is to go to Srinagar for mission Zulfiqar. Meanwhile, Srikant is temporarily transferred to Srinagar as a punishment. He and Suchitra are still not in terms of speech. When Srikant reaches Srinagar, Kulkarni tells him that there is a reason for his transfer because they received Intel from RAW about a key dial agent who comes to Srinagar.

6 – Dance of Death: In a flashback, it is shown that Moosa is one of the best agents of the Islamic State in Faizan and that he had orchestrated a terrorist attack in Istanbul in which he killed 270 people with nerve gas. Major Sameer is recruiting him for mission Zulfiqar. Currently, Mary is afraid when she learns of the death of Asif but does not reveal the truth to T.A.S.C or to the hospital staff. The death of Asif is attributed to cardiac arrest and the security force is considerably reduced to the hospital while Pasha is suspended. Meanwhile, Srikant flirts with its current commander (CO), Saloni Bhatt, who is also his ex-girlfriend.

The Srinagar team follows Basharat who oversees all the terrorist activities of the cashmere. Srikant discovers that Moosa is actually Al Qatil, a dangerous chemical engineer and one of the most sought-after terrorists. He asks JK and Pasha to rush to the hospital. In the hospital, Jayesh, Zoya, and Milind keep Moosa, when four armed men attack the hospital to release him. In the ensuing fights, Jayesh and Pasha are killed by the four attackers. Meanwhile, Moosa is able to escape from the hospital, but only after having brutally murdered Mary with a surgical knife and left a trace of the body behind him.

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7 – Paradise: While the news of the city hospital attack spreads, T.A.S.C. faces criticism and the investigation again. Suchitra will help Arvind when her daughter, Rhea falls ill. In Srinagar, Sajid becomes impatient and requests a call with Faizan. Meanwhile, Srikant and his team obtain the information that Basharat attends a marriage to Baramulla; However, Baramulla residents recognize themselves as Pakistanis and the army cannot enter this area without upsetting the status quo.

Basharat attended the wedding to meet Sajid and put him in contact with Faizan. Srikant, being anxious, enters the wedding disguised and recognizes Sajid as one of the suspects arrested by the Mumbai police. He continues to continue Sajid by ignoring the warnings and orders of Saloni and Major Vikram. Srikant’s impulsive actions make the army lose Baccarat and Sajid trial easily escapes from there with the support of the inhabitants.

8 – Act of War: Faizan was arrested in Pakistan in operations by US troops after Srikant told the CIA about its location. Srikant entered Balochistan with the help of a raw agent disguised. They extract information from Faizan disguised as agents of the contents, withdrawing their patriotism against Pakistan. It was found that terrorists plan to release nerve gas in New Delhi. The gas has been smuggled into Kashmir from time to time and is now being transported to Delhi. Sajid should transport nerve gas and build bombs together with Moosa.

The Indian PM was warned about this plan. Suchitra went to Lonavla with Arvind for a conference and impressed VC. He became worried about something that happened between him and Arvind that night, which was not revealed. Dhriti who was at home alone went to the late-night party at her friend, Sid’s House, and Atharv found Srikant’s revolver in a locked room. Intrigued, he began to play with him but put it under the pillow when Dhriti came home crying.

9 – Fighting Dirty: Some officials of T.A.S.C accidentally sent an SMS to Jonali, the interest of Kareem’s love from his phone. This made Jonali curious and he did a search with Ramya, a social activist for Kareem Body Cam hidden in the car left behind. Pakistan’s PM made an agreement with General Ansari and he left Mission Zulfiqar. Major Sameer was captured by 1/11 infantry of the Pakistani army and gave details of the nerve gas attacks when he found out about General Ansari’s agreement but was able to warn Basharat, who was chasing behind with Sajid to stop him who was rejected by Sajid, who was rejected by Sajid to stop Sajid Rejected Sajid to stop Sajid who was rejected by Sajid to stop him.

Meanwhile, the Indian army was able to kill Basharat and his people in a crossfire and get all the nerve gas cylinders while Sajid escaped again. When the TASC team celebrated the failure of the terrorist attacks, Sajid met Moosa in New Delhi where Moosa told him that there was a plan B for Mission Zulfiqar and that he had blackmailed a chemical engineer, Vaibhav Therani to carry out a mission into action.

5 – The Bomb: T.A.S.C realized that Mission Zulfiqar was not over. Meanwhile, Moosa’s plan is to re-create the Bhopal gas tragedy in New Delhi while extortion Sajid Vaibhav to enter the Orion chemical factory. Moosa troops commented on the water tank used by Moosa as a reagent for toxic reactions. Moosa and Sajid entered the chemical factory and Moosa killed Vaibhav. Moosa regulates plants to vomit toxic gas that will kill everyone in Delhi within 2 hours. Zoya and Milind entered the chemical factory and ended with a cross-fire with Moosa troops disguised as security guards. Srikant met with Ms. Moosa in Delhi and released a video in the news where Mrs. Moosa pulled her to give up.

Moosa changed her mind when she saw her mother and decided to stop the poison gas from leaking but Sajid disagreed and a brutal fist battle occurred between the two which ended with Moosa who was lying dead and Sajid walking injured. Srikant and JK once again celebrated their victory when they found Moosa’s body. Meanwhile, Zoya and Milind are pinned in cross-fire and cannot reach Srikant. In the last scene, it is shown that the pressure has reached a critical limit and toxic gas has begun to leak while Zoya cried in despair and the lies Milind is seriously injured. Suddenly, one of the open containers after reaching critical pressure, and the show ended at Cliffhanger.

The Family Man Season 2 Episodes Story:

1 – Exile: Bhaskaran, Deadan, and Bhaskaran Subbu’s brothers escaped the attack on their base from Sri Lanka’s troops led by Lasit Rupatunga. They decided to continue their struggle for Tamil while escaping the country by ship. Srikant Tiwari, IKON T.A.S.C. Agent, has stopped T.A.S.C. And now working as an IT employee. Rupatunga asked Prime Minister India Basu to submit them to them. Suchitra has left his job and is looking for counseling. It was revealed that T.A.S.C. Avoiding gas leakage in Orion from turning into major disasters.

PM Basu asked Kulkarni to design plans to submit subbubes to the Lanka government. JK was sent to Chennai to oversee low operations to capture Subbu and bring him to Mumbai’s T.A.S.C. office. However, Subbu defeated T.A.S.C. Officers, took hostages, and refused to negotiate. Srikant asked for the help of Chellam, a legendary retired agent carrying out the mission in Sri Lanka and a close friend of Bhaskaran, to end the crisis. Bhaskaran convinced Subbu to surrender and Subbu was arrested for killing the T.A.S.C. officer. Kalayaan, a close friend of Princess Srikant Dhriti, dropped her house and was declared an ally of Sajid, a terrorist from the failure of Orion Chemical, who is now in London.

2 – Weapon: Major Sameer, the man behind Mission Zulfiqar, met his boss, General Ansari, in London, told him about the new mission, Zulfiqar 2.0, and killed him. In Chennai, a Raji woman faced harassment at the workplace of her boss, Nanda, and during the trip from the night teaser. One night when the Eve Termination stalked Raji into a quiet path, he attacked him brutally, killed him, and was declared a Tamil rebel operation. Srikant and Suchitra attend counseling. Sameer sent Sajid back to India to carry out the mission. T.A.S.C. Officers brought Subbu to court, where Sajid detonated a bomb in a scooter that killed Subbu.

Bhaskaran quit the government in exile, opening the way for Deadan to become Prime Minister. PM Basu wants bilateral talks with Ruptunga in Chennai. Bhaskaran considers PM Basu to be responsible for the death of his brother and wants to make him pay. Sameer met Bhaskaran and expanded his support for this purpose. Bhaskaran activates the elite unit led by Selvarasan. Raji decided to end his life after the news of the death of Subbu and Bhaskaran stopped. Salvarsan called Raji and asked him to quit his job and wait for instructions for the mission.

3 – Angel of Death: A few years ago, the Selvarasan unit stole C4 explosives from the Sri Lanka army and bury them at Point Pedro. Sambit told PM Basu about the threat to his life; He still insisted on changing the date and time and place of the bilateral conversation. A shopkeeper called Kalayaan Salman put it out when he was questioned by Dhriti. Srikant brought Suchitra to a restaurant to celebrate his birthday, and they fought about their marriage. Srikant quit the TI job after an intense but funny confrontation with his boss and rejoin T.A.S.C. Before leaving for Chennai, guilty, Srikant visited Karim Jonali’s girlfriend and told him that Karim was not a terrorist. Nanda knew the secret of Raji and raised it to be invited to dinner. Suchitra rejoined his job. Raji killed Nanda after having sex with him after dinner.

4 – Eagle: In flashback, it is shown that Raji is the best combat pilot among the rebels. Sameer buys a flying school called Tigris Aviation from a friend of Bhaskaran. Srikant joins the T.A.S.C. Equipment in Chennai. The Umayal inspector begins to investigate the disappearance of Nanda. Chellam shares a list of rebel security houses with Srikant and his colleague, J.K. Talpade. Umayal interrogates Raji at his house and asks him not to leave the city without his permission. Srikant and J.K. Keep with Raji while she leaves her house. Umayal suspicious of Raji and returns to find Srkant and J.K. With the remains of Nanda.

5 – Homecoming: Srikant and J.K. are arrested and spend the night in custody. Umayal binds to the T.A.S.C. equipment. T.A.S.C. Identify Raji as a rebel operation. Raji, Sailvarasan, and Sajid plan to meet in Vedaranyam, the old base of the rebel and go to Sri Lanka to collect supplies for the mission. Noticing activity in the rebel channels, Sambit and Kulkarni warn Deepan to stop Bhaskaran. Raji and Sajid recover the C4 of Point Pedro.

6 – Martyrs: Raji and Sajid return to Vedaranyam with the C4. Chellam advises Srikant to find the unit and share the address of Jebraj (code name: Local 52) in Vedaranyam. The T.A.S.C. The Nabs Raji team when goes to Jebraj to get the C4 detonator. Srikant and Omayal questioned Raji at the police station but have not taken information. Selvarasan mobilizes residents and tries an ambush at the police station. They escape with an injured Raji and Milind dies in the shooting which followed, to the great sorrow of the T.A.S.C. crew. Branded by Srikant’s attempts to thwart his plans, Sajid obtains permission from Sameer to stop him. Sajid asks Salman to kidnap Dhriti.

7 – Collateral Damage: The C4 detonator is discovered by the T.A.S.C. team at Jebraj’s house. After an argument with Suchitra, Dhriti leaves the house. The plan is to fly a plane loaded with C4 into the convention center where the bilateral talks will take place. Sajid creates a new detonator and loads C4 into the plane. Salman and Dhriti go to his place after watching a movie. Sajid bids Raji by and departs for Mumbai. Suchitra is concerned about Dhriti’s absence and informs Srikant. Ajit follows Dhriti’s phone to a local railway station. Srikant believes his daughter has been abducted and travels to Mumbai.

8 – Vendetta: T.A.S.C. suspects a terrorist strike on the scale of 9/11. J.K. and Muthu are barred from flying at Tigris Aviation. Sajid contacts Srikant and urges him not to get in his path. J.K. enters the concealed plane and discovers the C4s. The couple takes cover as the rebels strike. They break off and successfully flee, but J.K. gets shot and lies unconscious in a thicket by the roadway.

RPF posts a video of Salman at Dombivli station, where he drops Dhriti’s phone, while his accomplice Syed is seen on the mall’s CCTV camera. The cops begin their search for Salman and Syed. Shinde learns about Syed’s whereabouts. Sajid, together with Salman and Syed, intends to severely murder Dhriti in order to damage Srikant. Dhriti persuades Salman to release her and then stabs him repeatedly with a shard of glass, killing him. She eventually tries to free herself, but Sajid arrives and knocks her out.

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9 – The Final Act: Shinde confirms the location of Dhriti’s confinement and notifies Srikant of Sajid’s presence. The police barricade the building while Srikant and his men storm inside, just as Sajid and Syed escape through a window. They discover Dhriti, who is sobbing and crying in the arms of a relieved Shrikant. While the police are engaged in a shootout with Sajid and Syed, Srikant transports Dhriti to the hospital. Syed is apprehended first, and Sajid begins shooting at the police, only to be shot and injured by Srikant, who, along with the police squad, catches him and orders him to surrender.

Sajid pretends to surrender but attempts to take a police officer’s rifle, prompting the remaining officers to shoot him down. Dhriti discovers Srikant’s genuine profession in the hospital. While JK is away, Srikant returns to Chennai to lead the T.A.S.C. team. The insurgents disassemble the jet and transport it to Kicha Farms near Sunguvarchatram. JK is apprehended and taken to a hospital. The plane has been reconstructed, and the insurgents intend to fly it using an abandoned route. Meanwhile, Deepan has Bhaskaran arrested in Normandy with the help of embassy officials and local police and warns him that if he does not reveal his plans, he will be given over to India.

Bhaskaran, on the other hand, refuses to comply, murdering himself with a suicide pill, to the chagrin of Deepan and the T.A.S.C. team. Srikant arrives at the farm after receiving a tip from Chellam. Selvarasan and the surviving rebels are slain in a massive shootout. Srikant and Muthu pursue Raji as she boards the plane. They are successful in blowing up the plane, killing her. The bilateral negotiations are continuing as anticipated.

PM Basu honors the T.A.S.C. team and personally congratulates Srikant for risking his life in the course of duty. Srikant tells his family about his experience, and the scene stops just as Suchitra begins to reveal. The season concludes with information on how the COVID-19 pandemic affected India. An operative in Kolkata receives Project Guan Yu’s approval from his Chinese boss.

The Family Man Season 3 Trailer & Teasers:

The Family Man season 3 teaser and trailer are yet to release but as soon as it gets released we will update it on our website. So make sure that you regularly follow our website to get real-time information about The Family Man Season 3 Release Date.


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The Family Man Season 3: FAQ

When is The Family Man Season 3 Release Date and Time?

Not Declared, The Family Man season 3 is likely to release in 2023.

Where can we watch The Family Man season 3?

Amazon Prime Video, The Family Man season 3 will likely premiere very soon but Season 1 and 2 are already available to stream.

Who bought The Family Man season 3 OTT Rights?

Amazon Prime Video acquired The Family Man season 3 digital rights.

Is The Family Man season 3 available on Netflix?

No, The Family Man season 3 is only available on Amazon Prime Video not on Netflix.

Is The Family Man season 3 in Prime Video?

Yes, The Family Man season 3 soon will be available on Prime Video.

Is The Family Man season 3 available on Hotstar?

No, The Family Man Season 3, as well as Season 2 and 1, are only available on Amazon Prime Video.

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